Savings Account

Savings Account

If you're looking to save money, why trust a company who is intent on making money for it's shareholders?

Celtic Credit Union is a not for profit organisation so, instead of generating profits, we just act in the interests of our members.

Safe Savings

Safe Savings

Your savings with Celtic Credit Union are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme so, in the unlikely event of something going wrong, your money is safe.

With an Celtic Credit Union savings account, your money isn't tied up. Savings can be accessed from one of our branches without notice - just in case you hit one of life's speed bumps and need a little extra cash.

Start saving today

Once your account is open, you can pay money in through BACS, standing order, from your payroll, or just in cash.

If you need to get money quickly, please fill in our online loan application form, or call us for help.

Support your community

Celtic Credit Union uses the money saved by its members to fund affordable loans, so your savings are helping others in the community.

The income we generate from loans is reinvested in the business and, in addition to covering our running costs, allows savers and borrowers to be paid an annual dividend.