Employee Savings

Employee Savings

Our school savings schemes are designed to get primary and secondary school children into the habit of saving. The schemes work like mini Credit Unions, run in schools - in many cases by the children themselves.

School savings schemes are supervised by an adult (normally a teacher or parent), and operate like one of our collection points. Each school decides its own opening hours and every school is different.

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Professional support

Each school savings scheme is supported by Celtic Credit Union. As well as  administering the scheme, the credit union delivers training to pupils and teachers, and raises awareness. 

We also provide support to promote the scheme, including attending summer fetes and fairs.

Creating good habits

The schemes focus on developing financial awareness and getting children used to handling financial transactions.

We encourage children to save towards a target - whether that's a new laptop to help with studies, or a car for when they turn 17 - getting them into a habit of saving regularly which will follow them into adulthood.

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Get involved

Start saving today

Join us now and start saving for the future, whether for a holiday, Christmas, or just a rainy day.

Once your account is open, you can pay money in through BACS, standing order, from your payroll, or just in cash.

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