Christmas Savings

Christmas Savings

Make Christmas less of a headache with a savings scheme with Celtic Credit Union.

Save regularly through standing order, payroll or benefit deduction, or cash - and get a lump sum of cash at Christmas time that lets you have the Christmas you want.

Top up your savings

Top up your savings

Save with Celtic Credit Union, you may also qualify to top up what you've saved.

Your regular track record of saving qualifies you to apply for a Credit Union loan, that can give you a little extra help at Christmas time.

Have your perfect Christmas

To start your Christmas saving scheme, just apply for membership of Celtic Credit Union, or call us to find out more.

If you need to get money quickly, please fill in our online loan application form, or call us for help.

No shareholders to pay

Celtic Credit Union uses the money saved by its members to fund affordable loans for its members, so your savings are helping others in the community.

The income we generate from loans is reinvested in the business and, in addition to covering our running costs, allows savers and borrowers to be paid an annual dividend.