Pay Day Loans

Payday Loans

Payday loans can be a very expensive way of borrowing.

Interest rates are tend to be set at a premium, and there are often hidden charges or fees - which mean the cost of borrowing can be very high.

All Celtic Credit Union Loans are at a fair interest rate, we'll make sure your loan is affordable, and there are never any hidden charges.

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Protect your credit rating

Payday loans can be bad for your credit rating. Many companies may not give credit to people that have a payday loan on their credit history.

A fast, affordable loan from your Credit Union is often a much better option. So why not get in touch and see if we can help

See how your Credit Union Stacks up

Look at how different the costs of a £300 loan repaid over 3 months from Celtic Credit Union are compared to typical payday lenders…

Celtic Credit Union Satsuma Loans Provident
APR 19.6% 1261.0% 1557.7%
Weekly Repayment £23.64 £33.03 £33.00
Total Interest £7.29 £129.26 £129.00
Total Repayable £307.29 £429.26 £429.00

Apply for a loan nowEvery loan application is considered individually – it’s not just a question of your credit score. Why not come and talk to us and let us help.