Why Use A Credit Union

Why use a Credit Union?

Celtic Credit Union is a 'not for profit'  co-operative that provides straightforward, affordable financial services. Celtic Credit Union is run by it’s members for the benefit of the members.

  1. Members save in a common fund
  2. This fund provides low interest loans to members
  3. The interest generated from loans covers administration costs
  4. Any surplus is returned to members as a dividend

Why use Celtic Credit Union?

Joining the Credit Union provides an easy way to save money on a regular basis.

All members of the Credit Union enjoy a very competitive return on their savings.

Your money is protected by the Financial Services Compensation Theme. Celtic Credit Union has no hidden administrative or early repayment fees or penalties.

"The Credit Union has changed my whole life and I can now sleep at night.

From the very beginning I was treated with the greatest of courtesy - the staff were not judgmental about me or the circumstances I found myself in and did not look down at me"

John Postgate from Port Talbot

  • Make deposits via cash, standing order, BACS or even through your payroll
  • Get dividends paid on shares
  • Interest on loans applied on a daily basis, making your loan even cheaper
  • No penalties for early completion of loans
  • All savings are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme
  • Check your account via our website
  • Manage and pay your bills with our budget account

Anyone can join the Credit Union

Its straightforward to become a member of Celtic Credit Union - and it is open to anyone, no matter what your credit history.

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